Wherefore art thou ?

Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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I must admit to visiting the PCa Site a lot less often over the last year or so than in previous times. One thing that I have noticed fairly quickly, however, is no recent posts from Vasco.... Does anyone know his status of late ?



  • Clevelandguy
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    Hi Max,

    Ya know, I was wondering the same thing????

    Dave 3+4

  • Old Salt
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    You can write him a message; I did a few weeks ago.

    I would love to see him back on the forum. He put a lot of effort in trying to help so many of us.

  • hewhositsoncushions
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    His profile says he was last on Aug 16 so not that long ago.

  • lighterwood67
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    I messaged Vasco. He responded "I have many things to add to my story so I plan to post my experiences after the consultation of this week."

  • bdhilton
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    Happy to hear Vasco is with us! We share similar complexities with our cancer treatments and results..His advice and support has been second to none on this site. He has been one of the longer survivors I’ve known in our journey with this dreaded disease. He has always been a beacon of hope….God Bless him

  • hewhositsoncushions
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    Ditto. I got a reply to my message saying he has more to share. Vasco is a treasure to us all with all the good advice he gives. Look forward to his news!