My 7th year scan - NED

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Hi all, hope everyone is doing well! Have check the group for a little while.

I would like to share my NED result after my 7th-year scan (Ultrasound+Chest X-Ray). 

Somehow, my scanxiety is much lower this time and I found that CT causes a lot more anxiety to me.

I still haven't talked to my urologist, but I've read the reports online. 

Take care everyone and have good health!


  • jazzgirl
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    Hi lobbyist so happy to hear this - you are only a month or so behind me. I've found that also - that the scanxiety takes longer to jump on me these days. I hope that continues to be less and less. Such good news for you! Take care ~

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    NED! Congrats! Keep it going!

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    Congratulations! Always good to hear a Ned status.

  • lobbyist0724
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    Thank you Jazzgirl, we are the class of 2016 and it is always good to see the names that we are familiar here, all the best :)

  • jazzgirl
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    Looooooovely news! Hugs and congratulations!

    May I ask what follow up doctors offer you now?

    I hope to get my husband to do US scan in November.

    It will be his 9th year since surgery, and docs are not monitoring him anymore. He does scans if I can persuade him :-)

    Previous one was 2 years ago (year 7, like yours).

    And he had x-ray this February, all clear, so I guess next x-ray can be in couple of years

    Thanks and so happy for you!

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    Congratulations on being Ned I so happy for you

  • lobbyist0724
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    Thank you!! And congratulations on your hubby's NED report too!

    He is following up with me with Ultrasound + Xray every 6 months, and CT every 2 years for 10 years. But I am planning to continue with the follow-up after that myself maybe every 2 years. Your husband's tumor was small and grade 1. So I believe it is less concerning too. Take care!