9 Years NED Today

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Hi all, I've been away and/or occupied most of this summer, so I haven't been by to check on the blog, for what has been the longest period I can recall. Finding out we've lost Abita, and reading some of the new stuff, reacquainting myself with the ongoing heartache and need in this place, is still quite emotional, which good ol' September always has going with me, anyway. Our Aniversary on the first, Cindy's B-day and my original diagnosis, on the 25th, and today's date from my last liver resection in 2014. As I pause to recall all that we went through, I also figure the journey's telling might provide hope to those in similar straits as we were 9 years, and even 16 years back to the very start. Seems like a lot of new folks just getting started/diagnosed, in the threads though, so I'll leave it here, as a muted milestone, of what was endured, in a month that reminds me mostly, of what I lost, getting to this point. Good luck to all........................................Dave


  • Lily Flower
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    Congratulations Dave on your 9 year anniversary! You know if Kelly is still here, she would be the first to congratulate you on being NED. She was the most positive person and always happy to celebrate with anyone with good news.

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    Congratulations, dude, as bittersweet as the month may be.

  • sgold88
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    Dave - great news to hear this. Your insight on this forum is always appreciated and informative and a source of strength to us all.

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    Congratulations Dave! I love hearing this kind of news. You are very kind and an asset to this site.

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    Congratulations, Dave! Being away from the forum, is just fine. We all need that break - plus the silly format does not help.

    May you have many more nine years to come.


  • Erica2016
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    Congratulations Dave!