Robotic Radical Prostatectomy and Rising PSA 15 Years Later

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I had a radical prostatectomy at University Hospital in Birmingham in 2008 at age 59. In 2023, at age 74, my PSA had risen to 0.19. I am currently 1/2 completed with 38 radiation treatments at the Cancer Care Center in Jasper. Thus far I have zero adverse reactions. I was a serious life long runner until hip replacement in 2021. Currently I walk 3-4 miles daily and staying positive.


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    Glad to see that your receiving treatment.

    I hope you had fifteen good years in the meantime and that more will be in your future. The current radiation may leave you tired, but the exercise program is excellent.

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    I'm just curious, what your history was during this recurrence? When PSA went up, did you get Pet scan, anything show up? Are they just radiating the prostate bed? Hopefully this knocks out anything remaining. Sounds like you have the right approach, staying active and staying positive.

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    Thank you. My prostatectomy took place in 2008 and for 10 years the PSA was .001. In 2018 it was .003 and in 2021 it was .007. In Feb 2023 the red flag went up at 0.14 and by May it was 0.19. I had a PET scan in July 23 and no malignancy was indicated. I completed my 20th of 38 radiation treatments this morning.

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    Just curious, you said you had a PET scan with no metastasis found right? So what type of radiation and where were you radiated at? Chest,Prostate bed, lungs, ect. It sounds like you think your cancer has returned, but the PET scan showed nothing, is this normal?

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    Zero metastasis detected. The Radiation/Oncologist and Urologist said it is most likely several cells in the area (perhaps lymph nodes) and growing very slowly. The radiation is to the area where the prostate was.

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    The same thing happened with my husband. PET Scan didn’t show metastasis so they radiated the area around where the prostate had been. They also did hormone therapy.