Advice please. Colon cancer or something else?

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i would really love some advice if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

2 years ago after a sinus surgery I got super constipated from all the pain meds. Nothing worked to get me back to being regular. Along side that recover my ENT put me on generic Prilosec for what she believed was silent reflux (even though I only had one symptom which went away eventually). While still dealing with the terrible constipation I developed stomach pains and bloating which can be a side effect of the Prilosec. After 6 weeks I said I was stopping that Ned because it was destroying my gut. Stomach pains ceased but constipation and now bloating continued. Then I began dealing with excessive gas. This all went on for about 10 months when I decided to get on probiotics and adjust diet. I immediately had white chunks of mucus in my stool. It was alarming. After talking to my mom she said some brands of probiotics can cause excessive mucus. After a couple months of this I switched to a more trusted brand and immediately the white mucus stopped, my bloating has significantly improved as has the gas so I am still taking these probiotics. Here is my current problem. I’m still dealing with bouts of constipation thought it’s gotten better with the new probiotic. But for the past few months whenever I am constipated there are little strings of clear mucus that have the smallest bit of light pink to them. When I have a normal bowel movement there is no mucus and no pink. I’ve never had bright red blood, nothing when I wipe. I don’t have pains or diarrhea. Nothing. I feel like if I could get the constipation to stop completely, so would the mucus and the little bit of light pink. Any ideas or similar experiences? No family with colon cancer, polyps or anything. It seems like symptoms I see from others are always bright red blood, pains, bloating, diarrhea. Is the mucus and pink just from irritation from the constipation? I do have one external hemorrhoid I’ve had for years. It’s small and has never bled or caused any issues.

feedback, encouragement would be great. I tend to go to worst case scenarios and always think I’m terribly sick. Trying to stay level headed…

Thanks. PS I’m a 42 yr old female


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum

    I am sorry you have had such a long battle with stomach and bowel issues.

    My suggestion is for you to go and get a colonoscopy. That way, you can get thoroughly checked out, and find out if there is or isn't anything amis.

    I am guessing no matter what people here might tell you, you will still be worried. So best to get it all checked out.

    Hoping that it is all related to your bouts of constipation.