My 84 yo mother was diagnosised with stage 3 breast cancer what options

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She was just diagnosis with stage 3 in her left breast along with 2 lymph nodes. She has calcification lumps in the right. Biopsy is scheduled next Thurs. So we don't know what kind she has. She fears dementia more than anything so I'm thinking she should not get radiation or chemo. My brain is all over the place. She's 2000 miles away living with my older sister who has the compassion of a stone. I am a retired disabled hospice nurse. So much harder. Thanks for listening


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    I had stage 3 ductal carcinoma in left with 2 positive lymph nodes that were positive Im 71. I started with chemo for 18 weeks had 4-5 weeks off went into surgery for a bi lateral mastectomy with lymph node dissection had 4-6 weeks from surgery to radiation for 5 weeks.Im starting a aromatase inhibitor since mine were hormone positive but her 2 negative. Your moms biopsy should tell a lot more. The right side may have no cancer present. With stage 3 most likely hey will want to do a mastectomy if lymph nodes arent positive and all margins are clean then the doctors will give the options for treatment as it may only be radiation.Mine was in both sides tumors were carcinoma but one was ductal if they are hormone positive then hormone blockers will be given usually 5-10 yrs.The biopsy is the most important to have a plan what is next in her treatment. Sorry you are so far away to be there with her now. Dont overwhelm yourself with too much try to tackle one thing at a time. Susan