Radical Prostatectomy Recovery Tips

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My 55 YO husband is having RP in early September. I'm looking for any tips, ideas to help him recover. Anything I should/shouldn't do? I'm turning our spare room into a guest room with adjustable bed frame bed and tv (w/Netflix)... Any other ideas of what would help him relax and recover? He's a busy body so being down will take a lot out of him. Thanks!


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    I had robotic surgery in 2014 and spent an overnight stay in the hospital. Went home the next day with catheter and external bag. Cath was in for around 10 days to let the surgery incisions heal. Used a Depends heavy pad after the cath came out for a few weeks then switched to a light pad. I still use a light pad today because I drip a drop or two if I strain or make odd moves. ED gradually improved over two years and is useable today. Your husband should start his Kegal exercises before surgery and and continue for years to come. Sexual stimulation is very helpful even if it does not result in much to get the blood flowing back into the surgically damaged areas.

    I slept on a sofa when I had my cath in, it was more comfortable for me to have the bag close to the ground. Exercise is also important, right after surgery and at home I did laps around the inside of my house, I was a little awkward walking with my leg bag. I did not have much pain and did not use the “extra” strength Tylenol my Dr. prescribed. About two weeks after the cath was removed I was pretty well back to normal as far as mobility. Listen to what the Dr. tells you and keep him active which will help the body blood flow. Good luck………

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    My RP was 18months ago but what Dave said still applies the same. Recovery wasn't bad. Do the catheter maintence they tell him to do. There are videos on YouTube. Make sure he passes gas after surgery. I had severe gas pains a day or two after surgery. That and the catheter was the worst of it. Didn't need the pain meds they prescribed. I did sleep on recliner while catheter was in. Get some depends and pads just in case he's not continent when catheter comes out. I was fortunate and didn't leak much even right after surgery. Best of luck.

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    I was only 52 when I had mine out. I found that sleeping in bed alongside my wife while I still had my catheter and leg bag in place after my RP wasn't a problem at all. I simply detached the bag from my lower leg and placed it in a bucket beside the bed just in case something went wrong during the night, and slept on my back or on my right side.

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    Well, I had a RP in 2018. One thing, when I went to the hospital, I took a pair of pants that were a little big on me and the legs would zip off. I took them a little big because I figured I would be swollen after the surgery. I was. I zipped the left leg off and slid the leg, catheter bag ,and tube into that leg. I took a bag with me to put the catheter bag in. Just did not want everybody having to look at my pee bag. Just a personal preference. I did not sleep with my wife. I did not want her to have to put up with me emptying the catheter bag. I was extremely hungry before I left the hospital so I had my daughter bring me something before I checked out. The nurses were very concerned about keeping the catheter tube immobilized so to speak. Just make sure you do not strap it on the leg too tight. I guess so that everything could heal without getting tugged on. When you go to get the catheter removed, make sure you have some Depends or similar item with you. Your external urinary sphincter may not be functioning properly causing you to be incontinent. It took me 4 to 6 months to become fully continent. Also, make sure you relax when the catheter tube is being removed. When you have sex again make sure you urinate prior to having sex. If you don't you may experience some leakage during orgasm. Please give yourself time to heal. Over 5 years since my surgery; my PSA is .04ng/ml (undetectable); I am continent; I am intimate with my wife on occasion. Best of luck on your journey.

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    I really appreciate all of this information and your candor. It is very helpful and has put us both at ease. I wish you all the best!

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    My surgeon put me on sildenafil prior to the surgery. He told me to look at it as fertilizing the area. I will be 73 in September. So, I am good bit older than your husband. If he is incontinent after surgery and after the catheter is removed, something that I think helped me during urination to try and start and stop the flow. If interested, you can go to my old posts and read a copy of my surgical procedure and the post surgical biopsy. Make sure you folks get copies of both, with focus on what did the post surgery biopsy say. The post surgical biopsy tells a very important story. So, I will let you folks go from the ramblings of an old man (I have a daughter almost as old as your husband). Also, remember I am giving my experience, which is not medical advice. Medical advice comes from doctors. Anyway, best of luck on your journey.

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    Hi Jamie - I am 55 and had my RP yesterday. So far all of the above advice is spot on - thanks to those that shared. I'll ring in if I discover any new tricks. Good luck and good health.