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  • CarrieF4
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    I had four biopsies (both breasts) done but only the one was cancer. I went to two of each kind of dr to make sure I was getting the same answers and to see who I liked best. I would recommend a second opinion if you can do it in a timely manner. Ask for recommendations in your area. Hang in there, you can always ask me questions anytime.

  • RocDocVic
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    Hi Ange_peterson Just checking in. I got a second opinion and I've changed teams to a different Cancer Center. The 1st team refused to acknowledge that Taxotere can cause permanent hair loss and permanent damage to my eyesight. They lied to me. They also would never call me when setting up appointments to verify if I was available.

    The new Oncologist acknowledged these effects and will be monitoring my heart and eyes. She also ordered a CAT scan. So far they've been great at communication and setting up appointments. Same treatment but she wants to add Carboplatin chemo to the mix. Need to get some dental work done before the chemo starts in mid October. Got the strained Ecocardiogram test done which is used for chemotherapy patients who will get cardiotoxic targeted chemo drugs like Herceptin and Perjeta. So overall feeling better with the new team. Less stress and anxiety.