Gemcitabine Complications

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I am trying to process some complications that my 83 year old father is having with his PC treatments. He's stage 4 and was given 6 months, diagnosed about 2 weeks ago. He has been administered Gemcitabine via injection the past two Wednesdays. This past Wednesday about 4 to 6 hours following his injection, he woke from a nap and had a fever, was shaking, vomiting, dizzy and confused. He's been in the hospital now since last Wednesday evening because we took him to the ER on Wednesday evening. He's continuing to run a fever on and off. There are many things being monitored right now. He's receving pretty hefty antibiotics. Slight amount of blood in urine. He's generally struggling. I'm frustrated with the Oncologist because she keeps saying that she thinks he aspirated something when vomiting and that is what is causing the fever. The hospitalist asked for the infectious diseases expert to come in and help determine what is causing the fever. COVID is a no, injection site has been checked for a blood clot among many other locations. CTs of head and chest have been taken without indication of issues. My father chose to try the chemo because the oncologist told him he would like have better quality of life. But after two chemo treatments, he's been sitting in a hospital for 4 days now with minimal visitors. We had been going fishing on weekends without illness from about July 1st until last weekend. I'm very frustrated and I feel like the oncologist has not clear with him about risks and complications. I am afraid of what may happen if he continues the treatments. The oncologist did agree to suspend treatment until this fever is cleared up, but I worry she may encourage him to take further doses in the future and his remaining time will mostly be spent in hospitals. Not sure what the right way forward is and would appreciate any thoughts and advice.


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    I'm very sorry that your father is going through this. It sounds very scary and frustrating.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you any information about his reaction or the infection. It is entirely possible that the oncologist is correct that he aspirated when he vomited... that can be very serious, and he needs anti-nausea meds to counteract the chemo. Did he take any when he had treatment? They should prescribe some for him and he should take those as often as the directions allow, and he should take them before he gets nauseous to help prevent it and continue taking them for a few days after treatment until his stomach settles down.

    Ultimately, whether or not your father continues to receive treatment is his decision. My husband sometimes talks about discontinuing treatments but he hasn't given up hope of finding a clinical trial as an alternative treatment when his chemo is no longer effective. As much as I want him to keep fighting and for them to find a cure, I know that if he is suffering and decides to stop treatment, I will support him.