Cancer in my left ureter

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I was diagnosed with a tumor in my left ureter down by my bladder and according to my uroligist they have to remove the kidney and ureter. My question is should there be any tests or scans done to see if the cancer has spread and if it has spread what kind of treatment is there. I don't understand what all this means but here is the report. Pathology shows malignant neoplasm; favor carcinorma, associated with extensive necrosis. Cytology was suspicious for malignancy.


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    Hi RLN,

    If you haven't already, you should post your questions in the Uterine Cancer forum here. From what I know, potential treatments when the cancer is in your ureter are different than Kidney Cancer.

    Hearing the "c" word is shocking, but try to stay positive. You're gonna do great - you've got this.