Endometrial cancer findings


Had radical hysterectomy 20 days ago. My follow up is in 3 days from now. The oncologist that performed the surgery already tood me I would need chemo and radiation so that is what it is.

I have a long description in my online medical chart ..but this is the part I find confusing .

Their findings ...no 1 and no 3 seem to be contradicting each other?


1.There was a globular cervix with no obvious parametrial invasion and no invasion into the vagina or into the anterior or posterior fornix.

2.The sentinel node had delayed mapping on the left and unclear mapping on the right. No periaortic lymph nodes were identified.

3.There was large volume disease into the left parametrium. Resection margin was wide of the gross disease.


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    LeafGirl13, personally I would not be comfortable making any comment on the notes but I think it gives you lots of areas for questions and discussion. Additionally, if there is someone who is going with you for that meeting, maybe they can take notes for you.

    I hope you are healing ok, it was about 3 weeks now. Please let us know how it goes.

  • Forherself
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    LeafGirl so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. We are here for you. What I read from your post is a surgical report. The first probably refers to the parametrium around your cervix, and the second probably to the parametrium around your uterus. It is a good question to ask your surgeon.

  • LeafsGirl13
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    Hmmm.. That does make sense .

    I wasn't even aware there were different parametriums