Peripheral neuralgia/ pudendal neuralgia post radiation

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Disclosure, I am actually a 56 yr old female, that underwent intense radiation to the pelvis 2 years ago for Anal cancer with progressively worsening neuralgia pain, numbness, tingling to buttocks/pelvis and difficulty sitting for more than 5 minutes that I attribute to nerve damage or entrapment since radiation. I’m at a loss for resources and thought I would turn to you all that may have a similar experience and any input or guidance. I am being dismissed by my oncologist and radiation oncologist. Blessings to any one of you that might have advice.I am clueless which kind of doctor may be best fit for diagnosis and treatment options.

Thank you


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    I am an RN who visits this page sometimes. Some suggestions are a neurologist, a pain specialist, or your family doctor might give you a good referral. Good luck!

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    Ahhh thank you, I actually found a Myofascial release practitioner I might try.., and go back to my PCP. Thanks again

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    Thanks for posting.

    I suggest that you get a consultation at a major cancer center:

    NCI-Designated Cancer Centers - NCI