Para Aortic Lymph Node Cancer

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My mother had endometroid and serous carcinoma about 6 years back. During hysterectomy pelvis lymph node dissection was done and cancer was found in one of the node. Followed with Chemo (3 week cycle) and Radiation (weekly for 26 weeks).

No issues for till 2-3 months back when she started getting slight back pain. When it became too much, met the doctor, did the sonography and PET scan. The para aortic lymph nodes have grown, the largest to about 50mm and pressing on the ureter and the renal view. This was causing mild swelling of the kidney and hence the back pain.

Got stents in the ureter so we can start the treatment. Doctor will start weekly chemo (small dose weekly given her age of 75 years).

My question is, does any have any experience or recommendation on whether the lymph nodes will shrink with chemo or should I discuss radiation with the doctors to shrink the lymph nodes. We can have the stent in the ureter only for 2-3 months.

Also, anyone have any experience with IMRT vs SBRT for para aortic lymph nodes shrinkage. I am leaning towards SBRT since we dont have a lot of time to do several weeks of radiation and also it might not be possible to do too many sessions along with chemo in parallel.

Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks in advance ..


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    Hello BNT,

    I am sorry your mother is going through this, but not sure I understand why you are asking your question on this board, as you do not indicate that she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

    Lymphoma(s) are cancers specific to the lymphatic system, but lymph nodes can be affected by other cancers without those cancers becoming lymphomas when found in lymph nodes.

    The way I read your mother's story - and please forgive me if I am mistaken - she had a hysterectomy for carcinoma that had already metastasized to at least one of the sentinel lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis, and is now having a recurrence. If such is the case, you might be able to find more useful advice on the Uterine/Endometrial cancer board, or on the Ovarian cancer board.

    I hope this helps you find the appropriate support. Do let us know how your mother fares.


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    in response to your question “whether the lymph nodes will shrink with chemo”: I think lymph nodes should shrink with chemo regardless of what kind of cancer is in them and hopefully give some relief to her back pain. But chemo does not work every time for every case. I am not a doctor.