After Kidney Removal

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Just told my left kidney has to come out due to a tumor. The only symptoms I've had is the usual blood in urine, fatigue, weight loss and slight back sensation. The actual description is: Left upper tract TCC. Discussed robot left neph-U. Recommend intravesical gemcitabine. The urologist didn't indicate that there was any spreading but he did say that they would put chemo in the bladder while they were taking out the kidney to be sure. Also I would have a bag for a few days.

I'd like to hear about experiences so I'm somewhat prepared since this is my first ever hospitalization.


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    Welcome Kernal, I am so sorry to read about your diagnosis. It is so hard to hear you have cancer. There is a discussion board for kidney cancer and I looked and it seems to be active. Is yours a secondary from endometrial cancer? I have not seen someone else here who had a kidney removed. I do know two people who had kidney cancer and are alive and well 10 and 20 years later. You can live normally with one kidney. I hope that is the end of it for you.

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    Kernal, I agree with Forherself that the Kidney board may be able to provide you more information. You deserve support from others who may be able to answer your questions.