Pleeeeez help! You're never gonna believe this!

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Soooo...may 31st..found colon cancer

July 11th sigmoid colon resection surgeries..remove 2.5 feet of colon but pretty sure he got it all.. all 13 lymph nodes 0 signs..

2 weeks later..healing good waiting on cancer Dr appointment Aug 10th. I get horror pain left side..after 2 days can't take it..called surgeon met at er.. yup.. rare but leave it to me I have an internal hernia! Going into major surgery 20 days from 1st 4 days again!!soo.. after going in to fix hernia they see 2 spots on liver that were never noticed before..yup..u guessed it..cancer!!

Has anyone been through another remotely close to this? Have appointment with oncologist Thursday but don't know if now I need 3rd surgery..liver resection? Or am I dying?? Sorry just been through so much after losing my husband sons are gonna flip!