Biopsy Sample Delivery

Tempo94 Member Posts: 1 Member

I had a biopsy of a retroperitoneal mass 8 days ago (7/18/23) in Southwest Florida. That was a Tuesday. The discharge notes stated that results are expected in 3-5 business days. This past Monday I called to check on them. That would have been 4 business days. The person I spoke with said they received the results and indicated they were sent with "high priority" so I should get a call from my doctor that day or the next. About 24 hours later I called and they said the results had not been reviewed yet which I though was disconcerting since they were sent "high priority". I got a call earlier today from a nurse telling me that they results had to be sent to Massachusettes and that the particular lab they were being sent to only pick up on Mondays. So my biopsy sample wasn't even sent to the lab until this past Monday and I shouldn't expect result for another week. The nurse indicated that samples are sent to different labs depending on part of body the sample was taken from. But after we got off the phone I was wondering why part of the body mattered and why so far away (Massachusettes from South Florida) when there are plenty of pathology labs in Florida that would presumably get the results back quicker which seems like what you want when you are dealing with something that could potentially be cancer. So its not only far away, but they also only pick up once a week. Just doesnt make sense and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or general thoughts/ comments. Thanks in advance for any.