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I was informed 72 hours ago by my doctor that it was " extremely likely" I had pancreatic cancer in the tail of my pancreas. I had been given an urgent referral to UVA in Charlottesville VA and having spoke to them have been told I should have my first appointments with them later this week, I'll be honest I'm still processing all this and when I broke the news to a few friends I struggled to keep my calm given the responses I got....They talked to me as if I was already gone...I'm not going to lie I'm struggling badly to adapt to this what can I honestly expect in the early days of the consult/biopsy/treatment stages


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    I'm sorry that you are going through this. I assume that you have more information about what is going on now... I hope that the diagnosis was not cancer.

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    @dbravo26 What did you find out from your doctor? I am a pancreatic cancer survivor and cancer free for just short of five years. Peace to you, Rita Ann

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    sorry to hear your story. My uncle had it in the tail 19 years ago. A lot has been done since then on treatment protocols. Did they tell you the size of the mass? Also, was it lodged against the spleen. He went to Sloan they did a great job removing it was home 3 days after surgery started treatment following week. He handled it well they had great drugs to counteract the nausea feeling. Did not loose hair or a lot of weight. He was 61 when when diagnosed. He was clean for over 2 years after that and had a second round of treatments . Never give up hope. I would say I would make my way to Cleaveland clinic, Johns Hopkins or Sloan Kettering if you can. Will pray for your healing