Psa rise after partial hifu

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I had 90% of my prostate treated 1 year ago. My psa was 1.26 at 3 months; 1.41 at 6 mo; 1.46 at 9 mo; 1.53 ay 1 yr. Dr is not concerned. I am. Can ty find anything on psa increase after partial hifu.



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    I agree with your sentiment that the trend is concerning. If there is another increase, I recommend a PSMA scan to see where the cancer is located. Presumably, radiation and surgery are still options.

    PS: In the past I have argued that focal laser ablation is not the way to go as there tend to be (very) small cancers that can't be seen in scans. My argument is based on recommendations from the American Urological Association:

    Clinicians should inform patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer considering whole gland or focal ablation that there are a lack of high-quality data comparing ablation outcomes to radiation therapy, surgery, and active surveillance. (Expert Opinion)

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    I agree with Old Salt, get a PET scan and possibly a biopsy to see if your cancer has returned if your PSA keeps rising after a couple more tests. Second opinion might not hurt if you doctor does not show interest.

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