Xtandi vs chemo vs clinical trial?

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My husband has become castrate resistant on Zytiga according to his oncologist. Grateful we got 3 years out of this medicine but now it's time for plan B. The oncologist says Xtandi has a low chance of working but worth it to try. The other possibility is a clinical trial using Xtandi with a phase 2 medication. There is also chemo, but he prefers that to be delayed. Right now, my husband feels good and his lung spots plus a lymph node are growing pretty slowly. I am just concerned that if we do wait it'll be harder to control with chemo. I'd rather my husband go through it while he's strong vs waiting until it's a last resort. I have been through chemo, so I know it's dreadful but I just want what will give him the most time, along with feeling as good as possible.


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    I suggest your husband gets a second opinion from an NCI-Designated Cancer Center.

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    Just a thought but have they done radiation on the spots on his lung and lymph nodes? When one ADT drug becomes less effective doctors often switch to another class of ADT.

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    I did Zytiga for about 14 months and then switched to Xtandi for another 14 months - both seemed to work and didn't really have much of a side effect. Xtandi is probably worth a try but I also agree with the comment about a second opinion.

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    My two cents after 15 years of surgeries and radiation x2, I would seek out a recognized medical school and request they take over your case. I've worked with department heads at Northwester, UCSF and UC Davis (a Hartmann reversal not cancer) over the last 15 years. Good medical schools are on the bleeding edge of treatments etc. Most Doctors are "just practicing" are doing just that, "just practicing" not research...Granted, you might have to share a hospital room sometimes, at a teaching hospital but I see that as a small price to pay for expertise….Anyway, that’s my two cents..

    You are your best advocate....Good luck in your journey