My moms cancer is recurring (for the second time) and I’m confused, please help

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My mom is 56 years old, and the strongest woman I know. She had lung cancer when I was really young, and they cut out one of her lungs. I guess it wasn’t deemed necessary, but she didn’t go through chemo. 3 to 4 months ago she was diagnosed with uterine/cervical cancer. About a month ago, they noticed a growth in one of her lymph nodes. Due to the growth, they recommended a pet scan. I just got the results from my mom’s pet scan today. The lymph node visually appears to of enlarged From 19 x 19 mm to 18 x 21 mm. The medical staff said that this reveals intense abnormal FDG uptake with a maximum SUV of 25.6, consistent with metastasis.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t know what this means. I tried to get in contact with the doctor, but as of right now, I’m just feeling very defeated. I just turned 21 this year, and my mom is the only family. I want to do right by her. I want to know all I can say about where the doctors think she’s at.

I tried calling two different oncology offices, asking if someone could explain the results. The first person I spoke to told me to call a different doctors office. The second person I spoke to said to call the doctor directly. So I googled the doctor, called the number, and went right back to where I was from the start. I feel like I’m being led in circles, and all I wanna do is cry.

I’m hoping that someone can help clarify what these results mean, and if possible help me, come up with some questions to ask the doctor when I am able to get in intact with him.

Note: Also since Chemo 3-4 months ago my mom hasn’t been able to feel her feet, if anybody has any advice for this side effect, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.


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    I'm so sorry to read about your Mom. And it is so hard to deal with all of this. So hugs to you. I will try and answer a few questions. Do you know the stage and grade of your Mom's original endometrial cancer? I understand that from what you wrote, your mom had a recurrence only 3 months after her surgery? Do you know what lymph node is enlarged? Did they remove lymph nodes during the staging surgery? Since you saw the results of the PET scan, do you have access to your mom's electronic chart? If so, you can send a message to the office that ordered the PET scan and ask for clarification. The best way to get more information would be to make an appointment, and you and your mom go to the appointment together. Is the lymph node the only site of recurrence seen on the PET scan? These are some questions that would help you understand what comes next. As I read the PET results, it looks like a recurrence, but only a biopsy would be definitive. I hope this helps.

    As far as the numb feet, there are women here who had chemo and can answer that question better than I can.


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    dear daughter, it is very likely that a doctor's office would not comment on results that they do not have access to or without patient consent. So first I would suggest seeing if you can attend with your mom when she has her appointment so you can ask questions and be a support.

    As for questions, you will want to know if there was genetic testing done, there are cancers responding to new treatments and most are because they have that information. What are the next steps? Treatment? Are there any clinical trials that she is eligible for? These might be some to be ready with.

    Sounds like your mother is suffering from neuropathy in her feet. I don't know if I have heard a cure for this, and I am hoping one of our warriors chimes in to help share their experience with that.

    Try to take a breath. I cannot even begin to imagine how overwhelmed you are with everything. Please let us know.