Advanced metastatic stage 4 PC triplet therapy

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Hi, I’m looking for stories of successful triplet therapy for pc with Mets to lymph nodes, bladder and pelvic bones Gleason 8. I need some encouragement and help in my husband’s and my journey.

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    I sent you a message.

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    I sent you a message also

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    I just registered this morning and saw this post as my exact same concern for my 73-yr old husband. Results of PSMA and scan showed advanced ductal PC, stage 4, metastasized to pelvic bones and two ribs but none in soft tissue. Oncology team recommended immediate ADT/triplet treatment to begin with, not surgery or radiation. Big concern for me is ductal because it is rare and may be more aggressive. That said, because ductal PC is rare there are fewer studies.

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    I have M(CRCP) Which is Advanced Prostate Cancer. I am 66 yrs old and I found this out in late January early February. My PSA levels was 1120 and my Gleason score was a 9. I had metastasis basically inmy pelvis area down my hips down my right leg. Left shoulder and T-11 in my spine. I had 5 treatments of radiation. They started me on the shots of ADT firmagon which started working immediately. After the radiation I was approved for 18 weeks 6 chemo treatments which I just finished. My blood work looks great. PSA down to 0.156. All my pain is gone but beca6of stage 4 I will continue ADT treatments. We are switching to Lupron with ADT pills called xtandi. These are expensive after insurance. I am doing good so far and like I said my blood report is very good. ADT was awesome the pain I had down my right leg got pretty bad and within a couple weeks I went from using a walker to walking with no pain.