prostate hormone therapy

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is hormone therapy necessary for those having received radiation? what are the pros and cons?


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    The pros of hormone therapy(ADT)are that it helps slow the growth of Prostate cancer so that radiation therapy is more effective. A lot of doctors include ADT as part of their treatment plan. The cons are the side effects which can be quite devastating based on the person and drug used. If my cancer returns I don’t know if I would opt for ADT due to the bad side effects, ED, hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, ect. Study the drugs and try and pick one with the least amount of side effects.

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    I had hormone therapy with my radiation. I was given Lupron, and have to say it was one of the worst things I have ever went through. ED, ZERO desire to even look at a female sexually, extreme hot flashes, fatigue, very soar muscles, and I just felt like a completely different person. One year after ending the hormone therapy, the side effects have mostly went away, but it was a very slow recovery process. I hope with all my heart I never have to go back on Lupron, but if it is the only way to manage my cancer I would do it in a heart beat. Best wishes on your journey.

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    I am on ADT again after 6 years of having thought I beat this beast of a disease. So far I have minimal fatigue and ill effects.

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    Many newly diagnosed men, if the cancer is caught early enough, and is a lower Gleason score, are able to have radiation therapy with no ADT.