Constant pain from surgery

pmoro Member Posts: 4 Member

 I'm 6 weeks out from an upper left lobe lobectomy. My cancer was a stage one. I had vats surgery. There was one complication where I started bleeding. They had to go back in to restitch. The problem I am having is on the left side. I have a raised area in between my ribs about 1" thick by 3" long. It gets red at times. It's a sharp pain when I cough or try to take a deep breath. I can't sleep on either side. The surgeon doesn't seem concerned, but it really hurts. I've tried lidocaine patch, 600 mg ibruprophen, Tylenol, and tramadol. How do I deal with this? Is it common? Also, when does the numbness go away in the stomach area? It hurts to have clothes against it. It's numb but not numb and I bloat as the day wears on which makes it worse. This is all very depressing.