On opting out of further hormone treatment

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I'm 70 years old and was recently diagnosed with PC, Stage 4, Gleason 9. I've been on hormone therapy (Zytiga) for 6 months, with good results (PSA 0.08) but debilitating side-effects. Probably another 3 months, then radiography treatment.

After this, I'm considering opting out of further hormone treatment. It's a quality of life vs longevity tradeoff.

* Has anybody else made this decision (or know somebody who did)?

* Are there any sources of data on the difference in lifespan, post radiography, with and without further hormone treatment?


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    Hope I never need it but ADT drugs can kick your butt as many have posted here. Might want to talk to your doctors/ do some research on your own to see if any new type of ADT drugs are available without the nasty side effects. They have been advertising a newer drug on TV thats not ADT but its said to attack many types of cancer. ADT will not kill the cancer but does help weaken it. Another consideration would be where has your cancer spread to? If it’s a soft tissue area vs bones or lungs it might help your decision.

    I have included a link for you to read:


    Good luck……..

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