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I would like to know what are the side effects for hormone therapy treatment. I have invasive duck carcinoma stage 1 I am estrogen positive receptors and HER Negative. I will be having a lumpectomy in a couple of weeks, them I I will start radiation and hormone therapy. I would really like some insight on this therapy and what I should expect.


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    I have just recently started my hormone therapy. My doctors have me taking Tamoxifen and so far I have not noticed any side effects and anything different. I have only been on it for about 2 weeks but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have any.

    I hope everything goes smoothly with your lumpectomy in a few weeks.

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    Thank you JManbeck, and best of luck with your treatment...

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    Hi Maria,

    I’m so sorry for all that you’re going through, but you’re not alone! I have found my anastrazole to be pretty tolerable. I am also a pharmacist. Side effects you can expect are:

    • hot flashes (I find a very cold water bottle with ice helpful and of course fans!)
    • joint pain (mine occurred in my hands after starting..I was given permission by my oncologist and took a one week break from it and it helped my side effects dramatically)
    • Risk for osteoporosis. Increase calcium intake and follow through with bone density scans
    • general headache and stomach discomfort (I have not personally experienced this)

    My main side effect is the hot flashes.. they certainly make me uncomfortable at times. You just need to find what works for you personally. I hope this helps. Sending you lots of love and wishes for your health. It will get easier, good luck.

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    Hi all, btw Survivor I'm about to start all this after Surgery in early September....

    Since you are a pharmacist and you are taking the anastrazole.... Was this the only drug you could take for your situation or was is your drug of choice? I am trying to way out which one I would try to take first. T or A hmmm any expertise appreciated! Which 💊

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    I don't see the edit button but I meant "was it your drug of choice" ?? thanks