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Hi all my 10 year just came and went. Just a reminder that YOU CAN DO THIS. Change your diet, exercise, talk to your body during treatments, fight for those trials, tell yourself theren is an end goal when you hit that why is this my life, I hate chemo wall. Whatever you have to do to help yourself. Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS. I believe in you. Living with an APR turned into a nightmare for me, the pain is unreal some days but I found a support group on Facebook and Im opening up to more pain treatment and scar tissue softening ideas. Also my doctor, who I dont actually like anymore for personal reasons, has made a major breakthrough in rectal cancer research. They think she may have the cure or at least highly effective treatment to rectal cancer coming. Dr. Andrea Cercek of Memorial Sloan Kettering NY. Give it a google. I hope its true. Too late for me as far as APR but maybe it will eliminate the need for others. Love you all. So glad to see so many familiar names here and there on these posts.