Treatment after prostate surgery

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I know I may be asking this for no reason! I had a RP April of 2023 and have not had post op Psa` yet so I should not be worried yet..but that’s just who I am. Prior to surgery my Psa` was almost 24. Three years earlier ( my previous Psa`) was 3.5 . My Gleason was a 7 (4+3). After surgery I had positive margins and there was cancer present in the bladder neck . They were not able to spare all the nerves on one side . After pathology they said cancer was graded a T-3A so apparently strong likelihood of recurrence

so my question is has anyone gone through post surgical treatments? From what I have read it’s typically radiation and sometimes Adt? I’m wondering about how bad the radiation is to go through and from what I’ve read looks like Adt is not very pleasurable either?


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    Welcome to the Forum that nobody wants to join.

    Many of us here have gone through post-prostatectomy treatments. It could be radiation alone, or it could be radiation plus ADT. Radiation typically does not have current or early significant side effects (other than loose bowel movement during and for a short period after treatment), but there may be side effects many years after the treatment. ADT has side effects for most folks starting in the second month of treatment, and these side effects can vary quite significantly for each patient.

    Do your research, like you are doing now, to understand the pros and cons and side effects of each treatment option, but don't spent too much time worrying about it, until you've had 3 post-prostatectomy PSA tests.

    Other members here will chime in with their personal experiences on their prostate cancer (PCa) journeys.

    I wish you the best of outcomes on your PCa journey.

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    Thank you, I appreciate that input. I was expecting radiation treatments to be quite bad during treatment. Hopefully won’t need to worry about it but trying to have an idea what to expect.