Finger Neuropathy

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Hello to everyone! I came across something that has helped me and I wanted to share. I have stage 4 colorectal cancer. I had my tumor removed and went though 12 rounds of FOLFOX. I was only able to do 6 rounds of the oxaliplatin due to the severity of my neuropathy.

I have found my hands are healing from the neuropathy a quicker than my feet. I think its because I am doing more with my hands. I played piano prior to the cancer and during treatments I could not touch the keyboard as the keys were too cold. I still did a lot of finger exercises and I recently came across a very good video. I wish I had seen it months ago so I could have started it sooner. I would paste a link but not sure if it would get stripped so if your interested go to youtube and search for "Finger & Upper Extremity Stretches for Musicians". Its should be the first video about 6 mins. I speak from experience and not from any scientific viewpoint. This gets the blood rushing to the fingers and they always feel better afterwards so give it a try if you like.