Rectal cancer on sacrum

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I am a new poster here. My father was diagnosed in May 2021 with rectal cancer stage 3 with involvement on the sacrum. Radiation didn’t do much and he has been stable on panitumumab and folfiri for the past two years. It has been frustrating as we are based in Ontario, Canada and no surgeon is willing to consider surgery for him due to the sacral involvement. I was just wondering, as we have been told that this surgery is more common in the United States, has anyone heard of this surgery being performed or have any recommendations for corectal surgeons who we could consult.

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    Sorry, this board is a bit slow now and I have no information on this topic, but hopefully someone will come along soon who does.

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    Hi Claire,

    I am in Toronto,ON. I had a colon cancer in 2019,had been treated by Dr. Sami Chadi at Toronto General Hospital (he actually works at all 3 UHN Hospitals....TGH,TWH and Princess Margaret Hospital). He is #1 surgeon in Ontario,please google him! My experience with him is the best EVER, not only for his knowledge and experience, but for his bedside manners as well. He can explain everything to you,is patient and gives you all the time you need to understand the situation and the plan of the treatment. I had never had such a wonderful doctor-and with co-operation with another great doctor -oncology Dr.Krzyzanowska, I am cancer free after just one year. I had a chemotherapy, radiation, first surgery-removing of the tumor, got ileostomy for 3 months, and had a reversal procedure to an ileostomy.

    My cancer had not been too aggressive, and I did not have metastasis (T2N0M0). I believe that everything went well mostly thanks to those two wonderful doctors. This is my best advise for you!

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    We are in Toronto. There was an abdominal recurrence surgery my wife needed in 2021 that they were unwilling to do here (reasons not relevant). We went to Roswell Park in Buffalo and they took care of it nearly immediately. My wife thankfully is in complete remission now where as in Toronto they suggested she go on chemotherapy and hope for the best.

    Toronto has world class oncologists and surgeons but they can only do what the government allows them to do within “standard of care” guidelines from the province. In the US, they are able to do far more depending on the surgeon. Get a few surgeons from different hospitals to offer their take on the situation. Won’t be cheap but worth a shot. Good luck to you.