Pain and swelling after cryoablation on left kidney

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I had a cryoablation on my left kidney on March 24, 2023. A day or two after the procedure I developed a swollen bulge on my left side which was very painful to touch. I also had numbness in that area. The doctor gave me some pain medicine and ordered a CT scan. CT didn't show any bleeding or anything that would be causing the pain. Doctor thought the swelling was from a hematoma and would resolve itself with time. It is now more than seven weeks later and I still have pain and swelling in the area. The pain has gotten a little better but is still uncomfortable. The doctors aren't sure what it could be. They ordered an ultrasound of the area which didn't show anything except ascites from my liver disease - that is a separate ongoing issue. I saw some posts from 2016 where a couple people experienced the same swelling and pain but I didn't see the resolution. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, do you know what it is?


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    My husband just had it done on May 17th 2023, same thing is happening to him swelling on right side it’s hard but no pain so far.

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    I had cryoablation on my left kidney on 22 March and am experiencing the same. The bulge is on the left side of my abdomen. Two weeks post procedure my urologist couldn’t explain why this was happening but told me it should go away soon. It doesn’t seem to be improving. I’m seeing my GP next week and will be discussing with him to see if he will do a CT scan or something to make sure there isn’t anything else going on.

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    Mine isn't improving that much either but the pain has gotten a little better. I've had two GI doctors look at it and they don't know what it is. I had a CT scan and ultrasound that didn't show anything that would be causing the pain. Just have to hope that it will resolve itself. Some earlier post suggested it was nerve damage from the cryo, if so I guess it takes a long time to heal.