Mastectomy after Lymphedema?

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I'm 73. Had two lumpectomies and 25 lymph nodes removed 4 years ago. Cancer is back. Small stage 2 only 4 mm infiltrating lobular carcinoma, same breast. Have to decide to have bi or uni lateral mastectomy. My lymphedema is bad and my breasts are very large. Hate making this decision! I didn't have radiation because tumors too close to my heart.


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    I don't have any advice for you Roseanny, but I'm so, so sorry to hear that you are facing this again. Only you can make such a personal decision but I hope others hear can chime in on their experience.

    I am only 52 and have a ridiculous family history of breast cancer but tested negative for the BRCA gene mutation. I chose bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I cannot guarantee outcomes but my hope is that this will mean two surgeries (one I've already had and final reconstruction down the road), no radiation or chemo, and my best chance of the cancer not returning. But that's me and each of us has to make the best choice we can for ourselves and our loved ones.