Lymphedema and eczema

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Hi everyone!

I am nearly five months post lumpectomy surgery and 3 months post radiation.

I've been dealing with a seroma and lymphedema ever since the surgery, and now having MLD therapy twice per week.

I finally got my permanent compression sleeve, and my therapists wrapped my arm so that it would fit into the sleeve, but when they removed my wraps, I seem to have eczema, or another type of skin rash, that is very itchy and irritating.

Had anyone had to deal with this?

What should I do?

Do I still wear my sleeve? If so, what treatment should I use on the rash before putting on the sleeve?

My swelling is not severe... I left my sleeve off yesterday to try and let the skin recover a bit, but I'm afraid to leave it off for long as I don't want the swelling to build back up.

Any advice would need helpful!!