Looking for someone who understands

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This is my first time using this website but I just wanted to make a post to see if there was another 21 year old with stage 3 lymphoblastic lymphoma out there who can understand what I’m going through and maybe needs someone to talk to as well.


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    Very sorry to hear this. Have you reached out to the treatment center, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) or Lymphoma Research Foundation? I know that LLS has peer support programs and they may be able to hook you up with someone on a very similar journey.

  • midn8t
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    I had when I was 33 acute limblastic lukimea that was in 2012 I did not get cured till I was had a stem cell transplant in around 2019

    thing got me by was thinking that there was always someone who has it worse and they are surviving so I can also.

    I wrote little article on here about my experience from start to finish including issues I had with jobs provided link below. I had tumer on my neck, one around my heart two in my adnominal area the one that was around my heart was size of a cantaloup and one of ones in my stomach was size of grapefruit I was told at time.

    I see that you are 21 so perhaps you're into video games, if so I do have a steam account that I play games on and and or a GOG account that can message me on.