Swollen lymph node

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2 weeks post treatment, HPV BOT and lymph node. 35 Rads and 6 cisplatin weekly. Rough ride, but my support and prayers got me thru. My lymph node still looks little bit swollen. Was wondering if this is normal or should have it gone down completely after treatment. Just took the HPV blood test. Which is giving me anxiety. That’s another story.


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    Hello Christos, my opinion would be that your doctors diagnosed your cancer with scans and biopsies and a PET Scan. Your doctors knew the area of cancer affecting you and treated it with radiation and chemotherapy and eradicated your cancer. It would not be unusual for a lymph node to be swollen post-treatment as this is a common side effect of treatment. Some people, I being one of them experienced lymphedema which I believe would be a more severe case of what you are experiencing in just a swollen lymph node in your case. So just be aware of lymphedema as a possibility that may need attention. It usually involves them sending you to a lymphedema specialist who will massage you to get your lymph nodes draining and give you massage exercises you can do at home thereafter.

    How long do lymph nodes stay swollen after radiation?

    Lymphedema or swelling is sometimes just a temporary effect of radiation therapy, but it can be ongoing. It can also be a late effect, appearing months or even years after treatment.

    Video of exercises used to drain the H&N area--

    Take Care, God Bless-Russ

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    Thank you! God bless