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My dad finished treatment about 5 years ago. NED since then. But he had a nosebleed yesterday which got me worried as I know it's usually a flag for recurrence (or something people get during treatments).

Anyone here experiences nosebleeds? I contacted his ENT oncologist and he said a one time thing is ok but if it continues he should see him. The thing is he's overseas now and in a place where it's hard to be seen by quality institutions. He went to a regular ENT and did a scope (not one that goes far back in, I think they just looked at anterior part) and they noted the bleeding point- which is comforting. He was given saline spray and moisturizing ointments.

My dad said he's been having a lot of phlegm and blowing his nose because the AC overthere irritates him. So I'm hoping it's just that.

I'm just here to get comfort from others experiences I guess.


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    Ag123 welcome to the CSN H&N discussion board. I think you are in a place many of us end up after treatment and our report of NED. Things that are normal occurrences like a nose bleed or an errant sore throat or some other ache or pain even in another part of the body from the cancer area will trigger our concern and make us think is the cancer back? Am I getting cancer again? You see once bitten by cancer twice shy. You have to get it in your head that your dad's cancer is gone and he will get sore throats, nose bleeds, sinus infections, and other normal maladies just as he always did. But believe me, I know because I went through that many times, I would have something going on and my mind goes right to cancer. He is probably just having a normal event. Also, Dad sounds like he is right on top of it and saw an ENT right away and had the scope inspection and the doctor saw the bleeding point so I think if there was any indication of possible development, and or cancer the doctor would have said so. He could have just an irritation but it all sounds normal. If it makes you or him or both of you more comfortable he can follow up with his regular ENT when he gets back from overseas. And of course, if this doesn't clear up it needs to be checked on further. We have to be vigilant but not overreact when it comes to these types of things.

    Wishing You the Best

    Take Care, God Bless-Russ

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    Thank you wbcgaruss

    As always your words are always comforting. I hope you're doing well!

    About dad, he said the AC bothers him. His ENT oncologist (the one who's overseeing the whole cancer thing) said not to worry about it if it's a one time thing, but to see him if it happens again. So I'll try to remember that.