Colostomy 6 years ago and cancer recurrence in neck and chest.

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I am hoping for some advice from anyone who has been given less than a year to live.

My brother-in-Law had a colostomy 6 years ago and the hospital have been too slow in my opinion to do scans and the proper investigations for a lump in his neck and a further one in his chest. The pain has become very strong and recently they have decided to do scans. The lumps are maglignant and the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes. He has been told that the chemo has not worked and they tried him on immunotherapy. He became covered in a rash and they immediately stopped his treatment.

Yesterday he received devastating news. When he asked his Oncologist, what treatment options he had, she told him told him that they would not be having this conversation next year. They are not planning any further treatment.

He lost his wife two years ago and lives with his only child. A boy who works, but has some problems and is unlikely to ever have a relationship. My Brother-in-Law obviously wants to extend his life for as long as he can. He is terrified of leaving his son alone as he has not come to terms with the death of his mother yet.

Please.....has anyone any advice on ways to extend his life. Perhaps other treatment options that he could explore or things he can do to hopefully live a bit longer.

Thank you

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    I in my 9th year. Last year I had a cancer bloom - the ones in my spine and back, which were radiated in 2018, grew fast as well as my lungs and lymph nodes mets.

    They did not think I was going to survive the summer (2022). We were going to circle back to try drugs I had in 2015, but a drug trial opened up. Long story short, started July, 2022 and it is working.

    look at for drug trials. Also to the extent that your brother-in-law can do anything to try to stay healthy - walking, biking etc - it can help. It has helped my breathing be better than it should be (I have dozens of tumors in my lungs and part of my left lung removed in 2016) and helps with drug trials, treatments, surgeries. Trials are Often looking for people who are healthy enough to deal with trials and the parts that can be a bit tougher.

    it is not easy, but to the extent possible, it is important to do (at least it has been for me)

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

    My Brother-in -Law said that he was offered a trial, but it was hundreds of miles away and he would have to stay in hospital for weeks. His son would not be able to accompany him as he has to work He also doesn't want to destroy the support group that his son has at work. They have been very good to him when him Mum died and throughout his Dad’s treatment. The oncologist also said that there were no guarantees that it would work.

    I have already told him that diet and exercise is really important, especially when his son is at work and he is feeling overwhelmed, but I live 2000 miles from him, so dropping in and helping to keep his spirits up is not possible.

    I am so pleased that the trial is working for you and hope that it leads to a complete cure.

    Good luck with everything.

    Prayers and hugs,