My mother had her Kidney Removed

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My mother is 80 years old and with good health until after this surgery. The surgery was 4 weeks ago. Since the surgery she has been hospitalized twice and treated at the ER once for unbearable pain. The doctors confirmed everything is normal and no infection. Her doctor recommends extra strength tylenol. Which only works a couple of hours.

I'm concerned because pain is only managed in a clinical setting due an IV or shot. She describes the main as muscle spasms in her back and side. Her appetite loss also concerns me. She says she has no interest in eating and her taste buds aren't working. Prior to surgery my mother was 123 lbs. Now she is 107 lbs. How do I get my mother's appetite back? Why is she having so much pain several weeks after her surgery?


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    After my neph I had some crazy nerve pain that I can only describe as electric sort of lightening feeling spreading slowly through the muscle layer. I was stupid painful and no amount of medication did anything for it. I used ice and lidocaine patches. You can't put the patches directly on incision sites but you can put it on either side. Ice worked really well at short circuiting the pain. I am not going to lie it took like 8 to 10 weeks for it to start going away, that is not the norm for everyone I just got unlucky. Hope this helps and your mom's pain lessens in the coming weeks.