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Has anyone had any experience with Guardant Reveal? For those not familiar, its a blood test after your done with treatment that will tell you if your cancer is likely to return.

I finished chemo at the end of March (Folfox). I went to my post chemo appointment a couple weeks ago and my oncologist wanted to try the blood test for Guardant Reveal. He made the comment that he wants to do it every 4 months if insurance will pay for it on a regular basis.

Last week I got a call from Guardant Revel, telling me that the test may cost up to $5000 if insurance does not pay and they wanted to see if I qualified for help which would reduce my out of pocket to $100. I asked if insurance denied the claim and there response was they have not submitted it yet. This confused so I verified "you have not submitted it yet. You cannot tell me how much I would owe?" Yes we wanted to let you know and see if you qualify for the discount program. I told them to send me the information.

Once I got the info, I don't qualify. I was stewing over it and so sent an email back stating I cannot afford a $5000 blood test and to please submit it to insurance and see what they say.

I got a call yesterday, different person and they started in with "it could be $5000." I asked "Have you submitted it yet???" Nope was there response. In the end they stopped the testing and will get pre-qualification from insurance and let me know.

The whole thing seems really shady to me. They were very evasive with the answers about why they have not submitted it ahead of time. Every other appointment, procedure, test, etc the medical office gets pre-approval BEFORE reaching out to the customer to be able to tell me how much out of pocket its going to cost.

Anyways I wanted to see if anyone else had experience with them and how it went.


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    I am utilizing a similar test - Signaterra by Natera - that may give you a better result - they have been good to deal with thus far and I have been on early surveillance for the last two years.

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    Thats good to know, thank you. I will bring this to my oncologists attention.

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    Hi I do the Guardant test every four months as part of my surveillance . Mine is covered through Medical in California but it must be ordered by your medical team. Signaterra is offered if you have enough tumor tissue left over then you are a perfect candidate. If you don't have enough tissue to send over to the lab then Guardant is your best bet. I recommend it as part of your surveillance arsenal if it is available to you . Best of luck

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    I have had Guardant (tested positive) and Signatera (tested negative) but have not received a bill as of yet. I am waiting to see what insurance will cover.