New Diagnosis - Colon Cancer Stage IV

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I'm 52 and received a stage IV colon cancer diagnosis at the beginning of April. I'm on a three month Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine combination regiment. This is all been a shock and learning curve to me. I'm be interested to hear from anyone in same situation or had experience.?



  • sgold88
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    Sorry to hear this. Perhaps you know this but stage 4 isn’t necessarily a terminal situation. many people on this forum and elsewhere are long term stage 4 survivors in complete remission.

    Where has it spread?

    is there a plan for any surgery?

    where are you getting care?

  • Capox Dude
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    What Sgold88 said…

    Would you mind saying where the spread was? Liver or lungs? Every day the science gets better. We just have to try to kick our can selves down the road until the newest drug or cure arrives.

    You got this.