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I am 68. I had a hysterectomy seven years ago...ovarian cancer was not found!!! My CA 125 was between 125 and 145. I have continued to get this blood test every year. Usually ranges around 125. It went down to 109 last year but it is now at 131. I can't understand why my numbers are so high? When I Google CA 125, I don't find much information. Can anyone help me?


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    Hello, JanK. I am a visitor from the Uterine board. I believe the CA125 is a better marker for Ovarian than the other gyn cancers, but I get mine checked as well. While an infection in your body can cause it to rise, have you reached out to the doctor to ask them what is going on? Dr Google is the least reliable guy out there. I hope you get some answers.

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    I had a hysterectomy in 2015. At the time I noticed I was having some bloating and went to a GYN oncologist. She did not find any ovarian cancer. I went back for check ups for four months and my CA, 125 numbers still remain high after the removal of my ovaries. I moved to another state in 2018.

    My regular doctor has no idea why my CA125 ranges from 109-145. We run the CA 125 blood test every year because it is so high. It has been in that range for over seven years! At first I was very concerned. However, I am not ill. I just have never heard of anyone else that has such a high CA, 125 and is living a normal life.