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I was diagnosed with colon cancer in early March. I had surgery on April 24. Recovery is going well. I am still waiting for results to see what stage this is. The waiting is giving me anxiety.


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    Doubtless. In many ways, your future depends on those results. But despite those issues, maybe you can try to focus on the moment. You are alive and you are recovering. It is Spring. The birds sing, the children play. Trying to live in the moment is a strategy that helps many of us with cancer. Best of luck with these issues.

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    I sympathize with you. The waiting is the worse part. Have the doctors given you any indication? Be positive. The tumor is out and that’s a great start. Did you have any pre surgery testing or treatments?

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    No treatments. Ct scan showed no spreading.

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    If scans showed no spread, that’s the best news you could get as far as staging is concerned right now.

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    went for my follow up from surgery. I have stage 3 and will need chemo. I see the oncologist next week. Any advice on what to expect from chemo would be appreciated. From what I’ve read nauseous, diarrhea, vomiting. My question is for how long and how bad?

    I’m starting my list of questions for the oncologist now.

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    Chemo is a broad term. I do not want to assume what you will take. Some people breeze through it with very little problem. Some people have a lot of difficulty and sometimes unpleasant, permanent side effects. And there’s a bunch of people in between. Give us a shout when you know what your regimen will be, and I’m sure folks will share their personal experience (with the caveat that their experience might be completely different than your experience, even if you take the same chemotherapy drugs.)

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    I am in the same boat. Resection on April 12th to remove anything left from one polyp. Scans didn’t show anything but the pathology came back with a tumor deposit and lymph node involvement in 2 of the 24 lymph nodes removed. Have a PET scan next week to see if there is any spread the tests didn’t show. I am supposed to start Xeloda and radiation May 30th for 28 sessions. After that, 8 cycles of chemo at 2 week intervals. Early stage 1 to Stage 3 in the blink of an eye! I am planning to work through it all but wonder how I will do with the chemo. Hope you get better news!