How many indolent lymphoma relapses is enough?

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My history:

Oct 1996: Diagnosed and treated for nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma* in abdomen and pelvis. NED after six cycles of ABVD.

June 2018: Diagnosed with NLPHL again, treated with Rituximab. NED

Sept 2020: Relapsed, treated with Bendamustine with Rituximab. NED

March 2023: Relapsed, treated with 4gy/2 small dose radiation. Response pending

My question: who on this board with indolent lymphoma has had 2-3 or more relapses? Did they come in quick succession like this, where lymphoma is initially responsive to treatments but ultimately resistant? If so, was there a treatment that has had a durable response for you, and if so what was it?

This question may be too specific in context of the relatively small pool of active posters on this board. But if you have experienced this, or know of someone who has, please let me know.

Thanks -- tgy

*I know the WHO has given NLPHL a different name and category now.


  • ShadyGuy
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    My experience and that of my friends has been FNHL has relapsed at 5-6 year intervals. Fortunately none of us have transformed to DLBCL or other more aggressive forms of lymphoma to date. I do not know about NLPHL. Good luck.