Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

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I having left side vocal cord palsy since Feb 2023. Then, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer last two week and had Thyroid removed entirely 3 days ago. Doctor looked at the physical form of tumor using ultrasound and it should be malignant. After surgery, doctor describe the tumor was hard to removed, "hard solid". I will get the biosy result this coming thursday and pray that the cancer does not spread to other parts of body. The problem I am concerned if the tumor spread too fast or is it possible that malignant type cancer does not spread to other parts.


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    Hi, I am so sorry to read this and for what you are going through. My little sister got diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years ago and is still battling (got diagnosed with a dangerous one). Thank you for sharing, it shows how strong you are in this difficult situation. As limited as my knowledge based on experience, thyroid cancer tend to be treated with good success. My little sister's spread to her lungs and is managing with radiotherapy which is effective. Get as much informations and professional help as you can, as you are doing now. Stay close with your family and friends it makes a hell of a difference. I am here if you want to talk, please keep us updated and keep being strong.