Please Help Me Avoid Dr. Google - small kidney mass

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Trying to avoid Dr. Google and understand the CT test results. I have a very small (9mm now, was 8mm on 9-17-2021) on my left kidney. The CT readings indicate "questionable approximately 8mm exophytic lesion, complex, not a cyst). Latest CT scan from 2023 indicates "grossly stable 9mm partially exophytic lesion with enhancement". Readings identified 36 HU pre-contrast, and 129 HU at portal venous phase. I have numerous health problems, and the VA has been quite helpful. Just difficult waiting and thinking the worst that Dr. Google offers. Any advice and interpretations are greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Jonesde67-

    Good idea to avoid Dr. Google. Most of the information out there is out-of-date.

    Sorry you had to join us, but thankfully you caught it very early. And like you said, 9mm is small. Depending on your health and age, your doctor will probably wait and monitor. I doubt that there'll be surgery for something so small, but hopefully your doctors are updating you and keeping you informed.

    We're here for you. You're going to do great.

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    Good morning. Mine started that small but as a cyst. All I can say is see the doctors...push them for solutions...and be aware it's there and needs to be dealt with at some time. Stay positive....good luck

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    Dr. Google is dangerous if you're not careful. I need scientific info to be less anxious, so I choose my sites carefully. Dr. G led me here, after all. 🙂 Sorry I can't help with the CT results.