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I returned from a deployment overseas Dec. 2021. October 2022, I started feeling very tired and unwell. My physical medicine and rehab doctor (from injuries obtained while deployed) finally convinced my PCP to take a look at my thyroid after my PCP kept saying it was my mental state and i was just anxious. They found a main tumor on my left node measuring at 1.7cm at the beginning of November and all labs normal. Ct's from my neck taking in Jan. 2022 were compared and it was found that there were no signs of masses during the initial imaging. After further testing and discussing with a surgeon it was decided that a total thyroidectomy would be the best course of action. After my surgery at the end of November the pathology report said that the main tumor was 2.7cm and my thyroid had a many smaller nodules throughout. About a month later I just happened to receive a letter from the VA with information about the PACT Act. I went to 9 out of the 14 countries listed in the middle east as places of concern if you found that you had certain cancers and/or diseases. Then I found out that other people who did not go to all of the countries I went to while deployed but were also in contact with the Afghanistan refugees, were diagnosed with different cancers. Now I do not show any signs of concern other than testing positive for the BRaf Mutant gene and not knowing what I was exposed to exactly. My doctor said I'm low to intermediate risk. I just turned 23 years old. My lymph nodes have continued to remain swollen every where for over 6 months now and I still feel like crap all the time. My Tg Antibodies are slightly increasing. My doctor changed her mind on doing RAI and told me I'm just anxious because I'm so young. I am the first person in my family to have cancer. I don't know what to expect or what to do. I fear that this is going to be a constant battle. I already see so many doctors for my physical pain and injuries. Yet this is the one thing my doctors won't answer questions to. They said it was all in my head before I was diagnosed and they are saying it again. I just feel hopeless in this process.


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    First of all--THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!

    I am going to mail you directly--once I get home from work.