Delay in raditaion treatments

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Won't mention facilities here but one offered Photon radiation and the other Proton. Both had excellent results but Proton less damage to prostrate, organs and tissues.

Problem I am having is waiting for treatment to begin. Having to wait 5 weeks for a PET Scan to be done before treatment can begin. This wait worries me but don't get a lot of feedback from provider or same worry.

I had a MRI with contrast and Probe. Found areas then biopsy and confirmed cancer worst area 4+3=7 and 3. Anyone had to wait and what was feedback on waiting for such a long time


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    I know five weeks sounds like an eternity but as long as the cancer is well inside the Prostate boundaries I would not be to worried. I feel the Proton technology is worth waiting for. In my case which I was not aware of at the time my cancer was at the edge of my Prostate.

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    Thanks. All inside. Provider wanted to do the PET Scan with radioactive tracers to get better look before radiation. I read so much about both treatments and why would someone choose Photon versus Proton if they have a choice. Anything I thought you can do to help protect those organs and tissues not affected by cancer would be the choice. It is just the wait and anxiety that I think the provider should be more sensitive to know it is bothering the patient