3rd recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer with tall cell features

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I had my original DX in 2017, a TT and neck dissection 7/2017, second surgery - neck dissection in 3/2021, and now looking a third neck dissection for this so-called “good” cancer🥴🙄I am very scared about a third surgery with all the scar tissue from the first two! It’s hard not research all the terrible post-op complications that can occur in this scenario and start to worry. Has anyone been through 3 neck dissections? What post-op complications did you have (if any)? I have been very fortunate to not have suffered any serious or permanent issues post-op. I am also wondering how many times they can do a neck dissection in the same area before it becomes to difficult with scar tissue - what happens when you reach that point and have a recurrence? TIA!


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    Hello! I'm on this group because my mom is going trough this. She's had 3 surgeries her third one Dr said there was too much scar tissue.

    We are switching endocrinologist to one that is more used to dealing with cancers. New Dr recommended a 4th surgery after we found out that her cancer hadn't been completed.dissected. we are switching surgeons because the original one said there is too much scar tissue and she doesn't recommend or want to do another surgery.

    DR Had as plan B to puncture alcohol into the nodules to make them go away. There is a video on YouTube about this therapy.

    We are in Dallas and we don't have a lot of well known thyroid cancer specialist unfortunately it seems like many doctors are still stuck in the old ways too .

    How are you doing now? Would love to keep in touch

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    Hi there.

    I am really sorry you are going through this a 3rd time. Did they test for the braf mutation. I was told this cancer does like to jump around and even more so if you tested positive. Which I did.

    I had the original surgery to remove my thyroid. Back in a yr and 1/2 for a neck dissection and back again (another yr 1/2) for another cancer along the thyroid bed. Two clear scans since!

    After the second surgery, my shoulder rolled forward and the only way I can lift my arm, more than 10 or so inches, is to push the shoulder into place. I was told this could happen. Also that I could lose my voice- which did not happen, thank God.

    Lots of rehab and PT. Small stuff in my book, considering... I will pray for you. I have had 4 surgeries and plan to be done. A good group of doctors, a support team that doesn't falter and most of all Jesus in your court is essential!

    Keep us posted please :)