3rd recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer with tall cell features

jenjenMN Member Posts: 2 *

I had my original DX in 2017, a TT and neck dissection 7/2017, second surgery - neck dissection in 3/2021, and now looking a third neck dissection for this so-called “good” cancer🥴🙄I am very scared about a third surgery with all the scar tissue from the first two! It’s hard not research all the terrible post-op complications that can occur in this scenario and start to worry. Has anyone been through 3 neck dissections? What post-op complications did you have (if any)? I have been very fortunate to not have suffered any serious or permanent issues post-op. I am also wondering how many times they can do a neck dissection in the same area before it becomes to difficult with scar tissue - what happens when you reach that point and have a recurrence? TIA!