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I was diagnosed with Gleason Score 8 prostate cancer late last summer. As part of the PET scans for that, a nodule was found on the lower lobe of my right lung. As it was very low density, the "pulmonary Board" was divided on whether it was malignant or otherwise but the consensus was to remove the lobe to be sure (and since it appeared very early stage as it was only 1.5 cm).

So on January 31st of this year, I underwent a radical prostatectomy (the pathology of which was clear margins and clear lymph nodes) and this past Monday (April 3rd), I underwent the lobectomy. Both times I have been utterly amazed at how I don't feel all that bad. Tired and a little short of breath, sure but that's really it. I never had any need for opioids and have been using only Tylenol

Got the pathology report back on Thursday (yes, I know that is fast!), and I dodged a bullet a 2nd time! It was identified as a non small cell adenocarcinoma but clear margins and clear lymph nodes! Doc says no need for chemo nor radiation and we go into surveillance mode (CAT scans every 6 months for now)

Anyway, here I am still kicking!


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    It is not uncommon to have a second cancer. They say "rare" but I don't buy it. Glad you were able to get this cancer discovered and treated while it was in an early stage. Lung cancer is my second cancer nearly 15 years after breast cancer. I also have a couple of cousins that have each had two cancers which were totally unrelated. I tend to believe this is related to exposures as both of these brothers worked in automotive. I grew up on a farm and we used quite a few chemicals on the fields. In Canada, 50 percent of women who grew up on farms get breast cancer. Yes, my sister also had breast cancer and we were both diagnosed at nearly same age of 45.