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Hi everyone-

My oncologist wants me to take Verzenio in addition to hormone therapy and ovarian suppression. I’m not convinced I would benefit and have read about the potential adverse side effects. Was wondering who is on it, what your experience has been, and what your cancer staging/lymph node involvement/Oncotype etc was.

Thank you!


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    On it. Little to no side effects for me. Its been almost a year and my onc showed me the research so I agreed to take it despite my fear of side effects. no far

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    on vercinio and letrazole for metastatic breast cancer stage IV. Initially had lots of side effects. Changed my dose and did much better til 2 weeks ago. I think it is time for medication change again. my tumor markers 2 weeks ago were within normal range which was exciting. PET scan next week to assess changes. The side effects are minimal if my cancer is improving

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    I started Verzenio August 2022 for high-risk Breast Cancer Reassurance. It was terrible (diarrhea)for the first few months. After 5 months of chemo, surgery & radiation it was too much, too soon. A few months ago, the dosage was lowered & the only ongoing side effect is fatigue. As of now- I am doing very well.

    With any of the treatments the final decision is about the net gain. As my oncologist says, all the treatments come at a cost. What is the gain vs side effects? Work with your oncology or Acredo (Verzenio Pharmacy) team to help with the side effects. Only you can make the final decision on what is best for you.

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    I just started it. I was stage IIIc invasive lobular and found that I was experiencing too much anxiety about it cropping back up. My onc used the term 'preventative' and that was golden for me. I do have lots of side effects so far - diarrhea, headaches, chemo fog. They say it gets better, and I'm trying a few anti-diarrheal meds that seem to be working. For me the trade off is there.

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    I’m on Verzenio with monthly Faslodex injections for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer . I’ve been on this treatment since October 2022. Fatigue is really bad and I no longer work. I usually require a nap each day and sleep well at night. Diarrhea was horrible for first three months but better now. I take one Imodium every morning. Next PET is in a couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to lower the morning dose to help with fatigue.