Rolles Surgery

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Update: I have 5 lung nodules, very small. They showed up in Sept. One liting up with SUV 1.3. Indeterminate by SOC. Here in the USA it is watch and wait mode but don't want to chance it as I don't want to miss the surgery boat and feel I will miss it here. So, going to Germany for Rolles surgery to get them out of there and find out if any are mets or not. I am sure at least one is a met based on bloodwork. I am hoping by going this route I will be done with this cancer battle once and for all. I will still stay on anti-cancer protocol for a few more years as insurance.


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    Holy cow. Best of luck with the trip and the surgery.

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    Oh, SnapDragon, I am sorry to hear this.

    When are you heading to Germany? You may already be there. I need to be on the forum more, and just battle my way through the new layout.

    You are in my thoughts. Keep us updated.